Zhs0 is a Kongregate user who joined in 2013 on his original account. There have been many others and the current one is named Zhs0O.

The Strange Man Edit

Zhs0 is known for making threads about the Strange Man. He is depicted as a sadistic, omnipotent being that wears a deadly fedora. In these threads, you are often put in a scenario where the Strange Man has you trapped and you're either just a few seconds away from being killed by doing nothing or tortured to death. Sometimes you are even given monsters that the Strange Man creates that you must fight. The most important rule to know is that you can't kill the Strange Man, and attempting to do so will get you killed. The only way to get a good outcome of the situation is to figure out a way to "out wit" him by picking a solution that he overlooked or by answering the situations correctly, but most people ignore that and don't care about solving it.

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