Real life Zamininc. Note how he is wearing sunglasses in a dark room.

Current account as of writing this is FullMeasureZam

Zamininc is an infamous former troll and former spammer of Off Topic. Starting out originally in 2008, his notoriety as a troll in Off Topic led to him getting banned quite frequently by ArcaneCoder. However, in 2009-2010 Zamininc started relentlessly spamming Off Topic with a series of alts. Eventually he grouped together with three other OTers, Cocoapuff310, Legendary, and Yarga7 to spam OT. Ultimately this spam contributed to ArcaneCoder, who was generally regarded as a super strict moderator, to leave.


In 2010, Zamininc attempted to make several accounts and post normally on them. Given his prior antics, this was not allowed. Eventually the community administrator at the time, Zshadow, allowed him to have an account by the name of "RighteousZam", which managed to obtain around 9k posts before being banned. On 4/20 (BLAZE IT) 2014 Zamininc created his current (as of writing) account named FullMeasureZam. Although still trolling occasionally, Zamininc managed to keep a low enough profile to prevent being banned.

u mirin?

List of OT maymays started by ZaminincEdit

  • Niceman555 copypasta
  • Gabidou99 fapping to gardevoir
  • Dashnet invasion
  • And many more!

Kabam/Dashnet's butthurt Edit

After spamming Kabam yet again in retaliation for housing Dashnet refugees, faggots and poofs from Kabam vandalized this page. HEIL ZAMININC