About VoodooCoffeeGuyEdit

VoodooCoffeeGuy, aka Voodoo or VCG, is an OT regular and "dev", and joined 18 October 2012, in an age where may ancient peoples still roamed the then-fertile lands of Kong, atleast until the Brony-Weeb War severely depopulated OT and all but emptied it of the Old Generation. For a while he was considered a newfag, until he returned from a several month long break that began in May 2013, and resumed regular posting in August of that year. He once was a worshipper of Rolby, but now finds him only humorous. Sometime in early Spring 2015, he married Immortal7777, who is actually female. Most longtime posters might remember him, but is unkown to those who arrived in the many long breaks to 4chan and his Steam account he has taken, accounting for his low pountcost compared to others. He also organized the Zam for Mod movement, whom which he adores, and copied a flash game to recieve the D next to his name, resulting in a thread about his "D". He hates newfags, autists, British-Canadians, Argentinians, black people, and furries, and has a dislike for bronies and SD, but doesn't mind weebs.