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This is the avatar Ubermorgen has always used

Ubermorgen, better known by his nickname Uber, is a Kongregate user who frequents the Off-Topic forums. He is considered a troll by numerous users, but he continually denies that he's a troll. He posts very frequently and is one of the most active OT regulars. Uber is known for frequently getting into arguments on various topics. He may have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

Uber also has an account on Dashnet named Fireman, which he posts regularly with.

Trolling TechniquesEdit

Uber's weapons of choice for trolling appears to be religion, specifically Christianity. He frequently calls out atheists, pagans, evolutionists, and anyone else who isn't Christian. He is known to go to ridiculous extremes, going as far as to call Halloween a satanic holiday, and calling The Sims 3 sinful because there is no religion in the game. Under heavy scrutiny, any and all of his arguments will collapse upon themselves, and he will flee scene, embarrassed. He will typically flee the scene of his troll threads after they reach page 2, sometimes staying until page 3. Everything he posts is laced with hypocrisy, and is easily deflected. Many of his arguments utilize a form of Insane Troll Logic (ITL), and will only serve to destroy the minds of sane people who foolishly attempt to make sense of them (i.e he once made a thread that accused fans of SpongeBob Squarepants of being pedophiles). When annoyed, he will resort to basic vulgarities and insults.


Uber is known to hold a grudge against anyone who insults him, or manages to beat him in an argument. He once picked a fight with MmeBunneh, and lost. Since then, he has held a grudge against moderators. He once became obsessed with a user named Aleazor (who once made a fool of him in front of many other users), whom he stalked for a month before finally giving up on redeeming himself.


Original: Ubermorgen

Current: Nichtubermorgen
















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