TheInternetRules is an OT poster known to be an extreme feminist and probably the biggest in OT, as well as a SJW. She suffers from autism and her post style is usually confusing to new members, sometimes she would jump in and post something completely unrelated with some sort of narrative, in an angrily style of writing.

She has an obcession for hating men, which can only led spectators to believe she got hurt by someone in the past, a men obviously, and took that as some sort of excuse to start a moral crusade against men in general. She often mistakes things, as Gabidou99, and tends to not understand points of view, on a extremist moral highground, she despises people even having opinions, and for any possible argument she doesn´t like, she will pull a racist card. Dias17se once started a thread very contraversial where he asked if not being attracted to black women by their own taste warranted a racist label to which TheInternetRules said yes, and that men should look at all women equally completely disregarding their personal tastes and appetite, to which she got mocked , after this she started posting very rarely and she might even gotten a life. But she is still a bewildered character as of today.

Thanks to Dias17se flagging she also lost her long time avatar which was a zombie and she got incredible indignant. She doesn´t post anymore as of June 15´.