TheFacelessOne's current DP.

TheFacelessOne created his account on May 13, 2010. Prior to TheFacelessOne, he went under the name of wazor, created two years before his current account on June 7, 2008. 

Kongregate and OTEdit

Being a user from 2010 (2008 if you consider his first account), it is no shocker that by now he has accumlated 10,000 posts. That means he has averaged from the beginning of his account with 8.5 posts per day. However, in the past 33 days, he has only posted an average of 7.5 posts per day.

TheFacelessOne is an excellent example of a good user, never having been banned or silenced like many of the users in OT. Many of his posts are relevant to the threads. When users create threads that already are in the masterthread, he promptly links to the correct thread for the users.

It is no wonder as to how he has accumlated (as of this moment) 1387 fans on his Kongregate page because of this! However he has only added 5 friends, showing that he is probably private about his social life online.

Personal LifeEdit


TheFacelessOne in real life with piercings

TheFacelessOne (otherwise known as Steinar Nøkleby Sevilhaug) is 17, and currently residing in Norway.

He speaks Bokmål, English, and Danish fluently. He is also notably atheist, compared to many OTers. He lives with his parents and sister and has two cousins and two aunts. 

He likes to play football (American soccer) in his free time along with watching anime. He also enjoys listening to rock and heavy metal music, his 5 favorite bands being Avenged Sevenfold, Nightwish, Bullet for My Valentine, Skillet and Black Veil Brides, in no particular order. He hangs out with his friends often, being a rather social person. It should be noted that he always wears a hat in every picture that he is in.

Currently he is traveling in Turkey. We shall find out if he survives the plane landing on August 4th, seeing that two planes have crashed on their landings in the past month (not forgetting the two trains that have derailed). Will update thispage in future months (MmeBunneh).