I am not going to talk like it's someone else writing because i'm not.

I joined the site as Riddleschool, I mostly went for badges, I showed a friend this site, and mostly did chat. I made a few friends and got called underage (I was)

I got silenced, needed somewhere to complain, went to off-topic, complained, got a bigger silence. I held a grudge agaisnt the chat mod who silenced me and ruined her chat for 2 years with constant spam and trolling on alts.

I had a growing ego (lol, had, still have) And declared myself king of the off topic forum. People didn't play along at first then they did. I remember an incident where I guessed someones password and became afraid of getting arrested.

I went thier constantly and always got my bud ZShadow to unban me. I got bored of the king thing and called myself emperor. 

I turned into a huge bully, got a perma ban warning, and did not listen. Zshadow said I had too many bans stacked up, and it's sad to do, but he had to ban me forever. He told me just make another account.


I prefer the : D with a space over the :D face.

If i am messing with someone I will type 5 mashed smileys. EX- :D3(:/O

I am on and off the site a lot.

Kongregate is a main site I use, others are, Yahoo answers, Facebook.

I can remember Usernames, but I mostly remember by picture, so unless I really care, I will forget who someone is if they change their picture. Most of everyones personallitys seem dull and the exact same to me.

I make Creepypastas on occasion.

I will never go on cam since it would be wierd if I happened to know someone.