Ruudiluca is a well-known member of OT. Generally liked by everyone, his fascination with Phoenix Wright is well known by everybody. Ruudiluca has some skills in coding, has made some nifty forum scripts, has a website, and during the Kongbitrary Day/Kongristmas events, he has even made flash games about the OTers he needed provide a gift for.

As A Moderator Edit

On April 8, 2016, Ruudiluca was chosen to mod OT along with MaginManiac7, due to the lack of active moderators on OT beforehand. Since then, he went from being generally liked by everyone, to most people considering him alright, while a few people started to dislike him for locking threads that were often used by a subset of OTers, like the Copy/Paste Masterthread, as well as moving the Rate the Song Above You thread to Forum Games. When he's not modding OT, he is modding the Arts forum. His general complaint regarding moderation is that he cannot silence or weekban users, which makes him unable to mod to the best of his ability.