GOliverlolface is some weird brogre faget who thinks he is cool. He is obsessed with Matt Damon's bumhole. Loljk.

Early days 2010 - 2011Edit

These were Oliver's golden days. He was top lel. Always managing to annoy the fuck out of pretty much everybody. And guess what? Yep. That's right. He was incredibly underage. About 7 or 8 or something. He made very pointless threads. Such ones as "Fat people are so wierd lol" and "click here for free porn" and many others. But then...something happened. A miracle happened. Oliverlolface made a thread saying that he was leaving off topic forever. He was gone for about 2 years actually...

Modern days 2013 - Present dayEdit

Guess who's back back back back again gain gain.

Oliverlolface is back again, as you can tell. Although he has lost his troll potential, it glimmers here and there. He uses full grammar at most times and sometimes actually makes good threads. What a pel.

Oh yeah and he is a brogre now. Lol screw bronies I'm like the hipster of the internet you fagets lelelel