The OT Team Fanfics were a series of fictional narratives started by Amane Akaike, also known as Quorx in 2014. It depicted the adventures of the most popular OTers who bothered to post and get known. It contains several adventures in a near future, dark sci-fi noir setting.

OT Team would fight enemies through the city, usually in shootings. Amane has disguised much anarchism and mobocracy themes mixed with the story, especially against admin oppression, and concerning a general tone of fighting for secure Internet freedom of speech. Lots of villains in the OT Team series were given single letter names which implied particular Kongregate admins.

Heroes were basically the most popular OTers at the time. Some examples are Amane, Dias17se, Inmonkeyness, Aleazor, Zaminick, Immortal7777.

The series can be found on Amane's Pastebin account.