Before 2016, the two primary sites for chatting on was Skype & Tinychat, but ever since Tinychat updated and became less useful to use and most of the old users who don't come on OT anymore use Skype, the most popular method of chatting on OT has been through Discord as of 2016.

There is a strong debate on which chatroom is the official one, and because of that all of the chatrooms that are for OT are listed here. Some are good, some are bad, each have their advantages and disadvantages, but whichever one you choose (all of them or none at all) all of them have been made by an OTer.

The OT Discord Room, owned by powerful Kongregate user BurntFires22, is the subject of great controversy and many people are banned from entering and many arguments tend to start up from these things, involving the idea that BurntFires22 has been manipulating users and making them do his bidding, and increasing his social status and power to levels they never thought possible. The uncanny servileness of the "lackeys", as these people are called, is raising many eyebrows.

If you don't see your room on the list, you can add it below [Note: Guest accounts cannot add rooms due to recent vandalism, even though if it was vandalism is a subject of debate]. If there are any problems contact Holy2334 or use the Official Off-Site Chat Masterthread.

Name of Room Owner Description Type Link (If Applicable)
OT Skype Room ? The OT Skype Room Skype
OT Tinychat Room ? The OT Tinychat Room Tinychat
OT Discord Room BurntFires22 The OT Discord Room Discord
Official OT Chatroom Zhs0 Official OT Chatroom Chatzy