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Welcome to the Off Topic Library. Here will be the place to find all the stories written by OTers, for OTers. If you have a story add it to the list of stories down below. The only thing that I ask is you keep the list in alphabetical order by author. Currently under construction.

List of Stories Edit

Author Title Summary Link
Burntfires22 Off Topic Elimination Games - Season 3, Second Edition Summaries All of the summaries for the OT Official Elimination Games, Season 3 Second Edition. Link
FunnyaxeRealm & Friends OT Rap Battles 2018 A collection of rap battles in an OT tournament hosted by FunyaxeRealm. Link
Holy2334 Ruudiluca: Ace Attorney of OT Court Ep. I Gardevoir gets murdered. Who did it? Link
Holy2334 Ruudiluca: Ace Attorney of OT Court Ep. II Is the strange man real? Link
Holy2334 Ruudiluca: Ace Attorney of OT Court Ep. III Finale of the 3 part series. Link
Holy2334 OT School: The Life of Zhs

Episode I: Class President

Class President between Zhs and Burntfires22. Link
occooa All We Ever Wanted A teenager struggles with rejection. Link
occooa Brace Yourself A boy revives as a vampire after committing suicide. Link
occooa For One More Year A teenage girl turns back time to redo her high school years. Link
occooa Lingchi A boy shoots his teachers and classmates at school. Link
occooa Plants A computer machine is created that can stalk anybody. Link
occooa Qu'est-ce que c'est? A teenage girl traps a boy at school. Link
occooa Societal Metamorphosis The rift between what you are and what society depicts you as, and how it can often become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Link
occooa Subtle Oddities A girl finds a way to stealthily break into a neighbour's house. Link
occooa Tied to Me; Bound for Death Sequel to All We Ever Wanted. Link
occooa Times We'll Never Share Two teenage boys fall in love while riding buses. Link
zhs0 The Global Maniac Ep. 1 The OTers assemble in Toronto. Link
zhs0 The Global Manaic Ep. 2 The OTers plan to destroy the Global Maniac. Link
zhs0 KNations Ep. 1: The Legion Amane Akaike wants to castrate Mikkmar and this starts a war. Link
zhs0 KNations Ep. 2: The Akaike War I An elite squadron of furries are sent to attack Amane's Legion. Link
zhs0 The Strange Man Chronicles Ep. 1: Origins The start of the Strange Man's murdering of OTers. Link
zhs0 The Strange Man Chronicles Ep. 2: Russia The Strange Man arrives in Russia. Link
zhs0 The Strange Man Chronicles Ep. 3: The Field of Cacti The team arrives at the Field of Cacti to get information. Link
zhs0 The Strange Man Chronicles Ep. 4: The Curado Underground The team comes into the underground network of Curado. Link
zhs0 The Strange Man Chronicles Ep. 5: The Anime Forest The team ventures into the Anime Forest full of weaboos. Link
zhs0 OT Fleet Wars Ep. 1: GeorgeKillerX vs Gabidou99 George and Gabidou's fleets clash in a battle. Link
zhs0 OT Fleet Wars Ep. 2: The Fall of Autism Speaks Autism Speaks is fragmented and many OTers fight. Link
zhs0 OT Fleet Wars Ep. 3: Zam the Hunter Zamininc and Amane hunt down people. Link
zhs0 Adventures in OTAFA Ep. 1: The Battle The OTAFA fleet attacks Furtopia. Link
zhs0 Tales From the Krymp Ep. 1: Window Washer A man gets a job as a window washer. Link
zhs0 Tales From the Krymp Ep. 2: Unlucky Lifeguard Something strange happens when a lifeguard goes to the beach. Link
zhs0 Primitive Furry Life A strange furry is studied. Link
zhs0 The Adventures of 15man 15man wakes up and is in Equestria. Link
zhs0 The Man Something strange happens in Oatsenville. Link
zhs0 The OT Chronicles Ep. 1: The Demon A deadly demon is in a cave. Link
zhs0 The OT Chronicles Ep. 2: The Smoke Deadly creatures slay the OTers. Link
zhs0 The Furry Menace Chapter 1 A crazy teenager named Brian escapes. Link
zhs0 Niceman: The Old Man Demonic children attack Niceman. Link
zhs0 Raid on Noone City Two dumb teenagers try to destroy a city. Link
zhs0 Furry Purification Devices New devices are made to convert furries. Link
zhs0 Operation: Retrieve the Documents in Selsor A man must steal secret furry documents. Link
zhs0 Turning Into: Ep. 1 Ninjachameleon sees the truth behind a bar. Link
zhs0 OT War I: Act 1 OT is at war. Link
zhs0 OT Wasteland Ep. 1: The Building A strange building is found. Link
zhs0 OT Wasteland Ep. 2: The Tunnel A strange tunnel is found. Link
zhs0 The Fall of Kongregate Kongregate declares war on the Strange Man. Link
zhs0 New Furrry Transformation The furries transform a human into a furry. Link
zhs0 Dawn of the Furry Part 1 The furry origins are revealed. Link
zhs0 The New Furry Academy Part 1 A new academy opens in the region. Link
zhs0 Attack on Konglandia The OTers attack Kongregate and try to kill the admins and mods. Link
zhs0 The Warrior The sequel to Attack on Konglandia. Link
zhs0 FurXperiment 2 breeds of furries are tested. Link
zhs0 Vestek's False Escape Vestek has an afterimage of his escaping. Link
zhs0 The New Neighborhood John Kastus ventures out into the world, which has changed. Link
zhs0 OT Oppression Ep. 1: Holy Cave The OTers sacrifice two moderators to Holy2334. Link
zhs0 OT Oppression Ep. 2: Outpost The OTers attack a Kongregate outpost. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: High King Discovery An OTAFA fleet sets out and makes a discovery. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: Furries Have Become Extinct A powerful weapon is built that destroys all the furries in a universe. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: Moving on to New Dimensions New plans for OTAFA begin. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: New AF Gas A new anti-furry gas is developed. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: New Beginnings The Erbinnians are conquered. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: The New Empire Furries and weaboos invade an OTAFA planet. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: The First Planets A new OTAFA operation is set up on Gordinia. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: The Komasz Empire A battle between OTAFA and the Komasz Empire occurs. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: Average Planetary Invasion An OTAFA fleet invades a furry planet. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: Furry Warlord VS Admiral Kazath Furry Warlord Zekkubar is defeated by Kazath. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: Attack on Antaraun The furry planet Antaraun is invaded. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: Destruction of Kentus A furry planet is sucked into a black hole. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: The Furstuckboo Triumvirate An alliance between the 3 evil factions starts. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: Urkil System The furry fleet in the Urkil System is destroyed. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: Vandaloth Plans Plans for the furry planet Vandaloth are made. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: The Death of the Kolambar System The Kolambar System is destroyed. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: The Sornis Plans A new strategy is made. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: Crashing at Millutia Kazath falls to the surface of a strange planet. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: The Strange Furry Lifeforms Kazath fights strange furries on Millutia. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: The Battle of Unto Korzgvad kills a powerful homestucker. Link
zhs0 OTAFA: The Sandreca Extermination A furry fleet is obliterated above a planet. Link