Niceman is a 14 year old who lives in Hartford, Connecticut. He is known by the name "niceman555" or even "faggot" and is known to act retarded.

Niceman has probably been known as the most hated regular ever since OT 2013. Speaking of regular, niceman's first post in OT was December 2012, but wasn't an active poster summer 2013. He is also known as the creator of the niceman copy-pasta, which has been altered a lot:  

"I’ll just ignore some people who like picking on a retarded white 14 year old. You won. You beat me in a battle of wits. A battle of wits that have no meaning but to make another person angry for no reason. I have gotten better recently, but its only these threads and some other posters that like picking on a kid. I don’t care if a useless OTer is better than me, like that makes sense. Please see this and say, “Ok.” My random outburst to show my side of comedy was from my opinion. Anybody who hates me so much that when I am in the fucking mood that I am never in now when I post and attack for no reason, leave me the fuck alone, you nasty trolls."

Recently Niceman was banned in early February of 2015 due to ravaging The Village and getting permabanned with no warning. Surprisingly, his ban had nothing to do with the gore and porn he spammed. 

Currently, Niceman is the most hated user in OT.

Recent Troubles Edit


Niceman was recently banned in Early February of 2015. He created an account known as HalfCutHenry, which was banned around two months later. Multiple smaller accounts were banned, but HalfCutHenry is the only alt to surpass 1000 posts as of now. He is currently on an alt called Nicemaim555, and is around 150 posts.

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