Myslef Yourslef ( Also known as Dave Morris ) is a meme that involves sarcasm and trickery. The way Myslef / Yourslef is usually delivered is when the original poster of a thread uses a title containing the word (e.g. “I Am Going

Dave Morris

To Kill Myslef!”).

On the Kongregate Off-Topic Forums (where this meme was born), threads are not visible from the board view, requiring the viewer to click on the thread to see its contents. As you could imagine, a seemingly suicidal thread turns out to be a big “fuck you for caring.” This often infuriates people, like any form of successful trolling would. “Myslef” posts are usually themed around hating, stabbing, decapitating, tearing, and basically any harm towards “Myslef.”

The biggest part of using Myslef is remembering, Myslef Yourslef is an asshole.

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Joy morris

Joy Morris

At times, his wife Joy Morris is used as a meme. Not only does she look suspiciously like her husband, that smile of hers is just creepy.

(Source: KnowYourMeme)


Although taking credit for a meme isn’t necessary, MrSalvador of Kongregate was the originator of “Myslef Yourslef.” The image was the first result when searching “Dave” in Google Images.

Now, if you search “Dave Morris” on Google Images, the image used in the meme will come up first.


Since it began, Myslef Yourslef has not taken off farther than within Kongregate’s borders. In Kongregate, however, Myslef is well-known and even the mention of it will incite a possible ban/thread locking from the moderators. Some of Myslef’s images have made their way onto the Images section of KnowYourMeme and used in MemeGenerator images to create more memes of it.

Notable ExamplesEdit

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