The goal of an Off-Topic moderator is to keep OT as civil as possible and making sure that everybody follows the OT behaviour guidelines. These moderators are generally agreed to be more lenient on the rules compared to other moderators on Kongregate, allowing some things like swearing to be allowed, but still being relatively strict on other parts, such as talking about inappropriate sites. Although moderators come and go throughout OT's history, they are proven to be one of the most important members of the community, despite the criticism received by the users.

A common criticism is that the moderators are not active enough, too strict, not strict enough, don't remove the right content, are not active OTers, are not even from OT, etc.

While criticisms are bound to arise over anyone appointed to this position, there has been a trend of appointing people with little to no experience with OT, inactive users, non-posters, textbook moderators, etc. This has resulted in large amounts of spam staying up indefinitely.

List of OT Moderators Edit

For a list of OT Moderators, visit the Regulars page