Her camming in Tinychat

MmeBunneh, formerly known as MlleBunneh is currently an OT regular. She is also fond of bunnies.


Bunnies are the thing she is addicted to, much like most OT users and meth, this is her only weakness, any attempt to defeat her should be done with lots of cute bunnies.


A regular on OT, she makes worthwhile posts, which is a good thing to see in what used to be glory, but now mostly a shit-hole, she also makes others glad that there are some posts that aren't complete garbage. She is also frequent on Tinychat. She's extremely talented in Violin/Viola and Piano.

Quote from MmeBunneh's profile: I originally began Kongregate as MlleBunneh, but I have decided that as I reach adulthood, it would be much better to go by Mme than Mlle. I have decided to switch over to MmeBunneh after I hit 1k posts on MlleBunneh!

Cute-rabbit copy

MmeBunnehs current avatar.