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Mikkmar's current DP

Mikkmar has been a member of Kongregate since 18 October, 2011.


While having been a member since October of 2011, he has not been an active poster until 2013. His first posts were made in August of 2012. However, after 18 September 2012, there was no posting activity until 2 January 2013 where he abruptly stopped posting again after one post until the end of April 2013.

While his origins began in Forum Games, it has only been since 22 July, 2013, that he has been posting in OT at a rapid speed. Since then he has accumlated 173 posts in two days.

He is an avid Homestuck reader, much to the dismay of most of OT.

The Future of MikkmarEdit

We will only know how Mikkmar will do in OT, knowing that he has only been posting in OT for a very brief amount of time. But with time we will eventually see if he will disappear from existance for several months or if he will stay.

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