The current avatar of the RollerCROWster account

Mafefe is a user who has a large and powerful history in OT, starting with his original account titled "Mafefe" in the ancient days of the forum. In present-day, he operates under two main accounts with many different alts. These two mains are RollerCROWster and Mafefe_Classic. His posting nowadays is relatively rare on OT and somewhat active in SD.

He is and has always been associated with crows and utilizes a certain emoticon (<:) to represent them. This has led to a popular theme of his threads and it is also known that he might have been one to start the trend of adding "Discuss" to the end of a thread.

His crow theme has gotten so large that the Kongpanion Walter was designed after a crow for him. Other people have recognized this and the admins have also edited the sticky guideline thread with his "CAW" text. Even more, the admins have again talked wildly about him in many contests posted on the Kongregate forum.