Le Zshadow Face is a meme made by TwistedCakez and Cocoa about Zshadow , assistant community manager of Kongregate.


This meme occured in TinyChat, while TwistedCakez and Cocoa were talking about an essay Twisted had to write for school. Cocoa tried to help but after being told, "I'm on the easy part of it," she tried to say "lol" but ended up with ";ol"

The MemeEdit

The conversation that conceived the meme can be found here or read below.

[9:33 PM] nonionic: lol.

[9:33 PM] twistedcakez: back to essay

[9:33 PM] nonionic: NO

[9:33 PM] nonionic: what's the esay on?

[9:33 PM] nonionic: i can help you

[9:33 PM] twistedcakez: "And Then There Were None"

[9:33 PM] nonionic: what's that

[9:33 PM] twistedcakez: But im on the easy part

[9:34 PM] twistedcakez: 'a book

[9:34 PM] nonionic: oh

[9:34 PM] nonionic: never mind

[9:34 PM] nonionic: ;ol

[9:34 PM] nonionic: what the fuck is ;ol

[9:34 PM] twistedcakez: I face with a fucked up chin

[9:34 PM] nonionic: LOL

[9:34 PM] nonionic: HAHAHAH

[9:34 PM] nonionic: ZSHADOW'S CHIN

[9:34 PM] twistedcakez: LOOL

[9:34 PM] nonionic: I DIED

[9:34 PM] nonionic: LOOOL


[9:34 PM] nonionic: ;ol

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