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Karrow AKA Jon Snow is an OT regular from Tatarstan who appeared in 2009, before Achievement Addicts Anonymous suffered "The Great Noob Invasion" and was lost to noobs and regulars grew scarce.

Karrow moved to Chocolate Hostage to get away from the noobs but failed, and had to reside with more noobs.

The Karrowist Bolshevik RevolutionEdit

Not many people know this, but Karrow led a revolution against Gnarly Argle Ska's democratic government, and succeeded, for a few months Gnarly Argle Ska was a Communist dictatorship under the rule of Karrow Harkhov.
Although Karrow has few allies, his enemies still tremble.

The Birth of Jon SnowEdit

In late June 2013, Karrow made an account named "Jon Snow" although these accounts continue to be banned, he continues to make alternatives to them, by placing underscores in them, friends have followed him making accounts based on the series "Game of Thrones" or the book "A Song of Ice and Fire" as well.

The Karrowist Bolshevik InvasionsEdit

  • Karrow led several invasions on several different rooms and ruled the majority of the English rooms on Kongregate for awhile, these rooms on the list are
  • Asylum
  • Bat Country
  • Chocolate Hostage
  • Gnarly Argle Ska
  • Dragon's Cave
  • Many more.

The Rolby AllianceEdit

Karrow allied himself with a local in Chocolate Hostage known as Rolby.

Rolby is referred to as King of the South in Chocolate Hostage, as Karrow/Jon Snow is known as King in the North.

Image of the Rolby Alliance

Karrow the Underage Bounty HunterEdit

Karrow caught some underage kids on Kong before, he actually made it his mission before the Karrowist Bolshevik
9 yr uld

A screenshot taken by Karrow.



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Alternative AccountsEdit

Tatar Karrow Godly Karrow

Jon Snow

M72 Anarchy

Awful Lawton