About JayZeeM50oneEdit

JayZeeM50one has one of the shittiest usernames on Kongregate, and is totally a newfag as a poster in OT

JayZeeM50one's current avatar on Kongregate

(joining in late November of 2012), but also a newfag when it comes to Kongregate itself.

He joined Kongregate on May 07, 2008, and was 9 years old when he signed up.  He was not permabanned, but instead banned for about a week, because the mods were lighter back then, or, because the mod who banned him was nice.  It will never been known.

Throughout the years, he has uploaded 20 different games, such as the "Penis Buster" series, and "Do What She Wants", which are no longer available on Kongregate itself.  You can still play the Penis Buster series on here.  Perhaps the worst game he uploaded was Sex Adventure, and it was reviewed on NetInsanity , however, the game cannot be played on Kongregate anymore, but it can be played on other sites it was randomly uploaded to (example).  Because of those games, he collectively raised $40.00 from ad revenue, and bought Kong+.

In late 2012, he had an upper-case letter in his username changed to a lower-case letter, changing from "JayZeeM50One" to "JayZeeM50one".

His most popular thread in OT was How Tall is Kongregate (previously known as "How Tall is OT", forcely changed by MFT who kept complaining that people who aren't OT regulars were posting in it), which adds all of the users' heights that post in the thread with their heights in either centimeters or feet and inches.  It can still be added to as of today, for the next goal has not been reached yet.

Silence HistoryEdit

JayZeeM50one has been silenced seven times and banned twice, one of each were requested.  There is only two known reasons for his silences: one was requested, and one for accidentally posting an inappropriate image in the chatroom "Ye Olde Pub".  The reason for the accidental inappropriate image posting was because his avatar and gender on the site was "Sangheili" (an Elite in the game Halo), and being the naive person he is, Google Image'd "Sangheili" and picked one of the first ones he saw, which was JayZeeM50one sucking on his own wee-wee.  Because of this, he now resides in "Ninja Chat".

Personal InformationEdit

Real Name: Johnny Appleseed Greenshirt "Short Frie" McDonalds

Height: 2' 9

Sex: Shemale