Immortal7777 is a regular OTer, he is characterized by showing great passion about the things he hates strongly. He has an obsession regarding dwarfs and will go at lengths to prove they are the master race, the fact he fights so much for their supremacy is the fact Immortal7777 admitted to being one, he believes if he defends dwarfs enough he will also be respected by the outside world. Immortal7777 also hates psychiatrists, he was treated by one early in his life, and had to take more drugs daily than a stash in Tony Montana house, this led him to despise psychiatrists and children tranquilizer drugs. He also hates achievements, at one point Ubermorgen suggested achievements could be used to buy stuff and Immortal got incredibly indignant. He seems to enjoy a lot fantasy roleplay games like Wow or The Witcher.

Immortal7777 is also known for his large hate for Estonians, and often makes threads about how they are useless and shit.

He´s also a moderator in Zamininc's Tinychat OT room.