GeorgeKillerX is a 15-year-old from Greece, who was a semi-regular poster and newbie in Off-Topic and The Arts in 2015-2016. It is unknown if he still operates to this day, but a few accounts have been suspected to be his alts.

He's infamous for the level of stupidity and general lack of skills he exhibits (especially prevalent in a thread he made in The Arts, where he presents his utter and complete lack of artistic skills), and the fact that despite that, he is extremely arrogant and pompous, thinking he is superior to everyone else while he really isn't. He also suffers from severe autism, making him unable to realize how many people hate him. This could be a forced troll tactic or genuine.

He also has/had a love interest whom he met for at most 6 hours in a Greek chatroom. This spawned numerous more cancerous "paintings" from George; whether she ran away and called the police after seeing them (if she has seen them at all) is currently unknown, as George stopped talking about her a while ago.

In January 2017, his profile has been made private and not much activity comes from his main account.

Confirmed alts Edit

His previous account, Wtf250, was permabanned after allegedly being hacked (most likely just stolen after he gave away his password to someone).