Fishstickz13 IRL being fucking cute and gorgeous in a flannel shirt.

Valuable facts about Fishstickz13 Edit

Fishstickz13 is a super typical Murican fagget, named Clayton. His nicks are something along Fishy, Fishtard, Clayden and Don Carlo. More precisely is he an oldfagget who has been residing on kong since April 2008, which was very close to his birthday December 31th '94 depending on what people define as close. He's level 48 which shows how much of a geeky NERD he is wasting his life gaming and shit. He does however has a good taste in games, as he does not waste his life playing pathetic virgin-games such as League of Legends and Word of Warcraft, so he is a guy of dignity. He's also notably a christian virgin and waits till marriage and stuff. (sorreh girls I saw him 1st) His penis is 22cm (Confirmed by Maowee) and cut due to some partly jewish and partly satanic ritual in his family.

He is partly viking and has family with roots of Swededish and Norwedish blood, (which explains why he is SO FUKEN GOODLOOKING) but he relates more to his German blood because of his faggotness.

Fishstickz OT-history Edit

He was a typical old fagget with no redeeming qualities, not even known for trolling or spamming or shit, didn't make anyone leave. He left OT when he got superhot girlfriend and came back when it didn't work out also because he is irresistibly attracted to Maowee whether he will admit it or not.