Michael Jackson BAD

BloodScourge's avatar as of now

BloodScourge is a user who frequents the Off-topic forums of Kongregate. Although he has had many breaks, he has made major comebacks.

According to his main account, BloodScourge joined Kongregate on March 25th, 2012. He posted for a while during these early years and made small returns, but eventually returned in 2016.

BloodScourge thought of himself as the Warrior Cats character Scourge and even had them as his avatar for years. He identified as a furry during these early years but he has said that he doesn't consider himself one anymore.

In his recent 2016 return, he has gained a great interest in the late music artist Michael Jackson. This was first noticed on his profile on Kongregate when he changed his avatar to a Michael Jackson face, but he may have talked about it previously. BloodScourge changed his avatar once more into Michael Jackson's face from his "Bad" album. Since his obsession started he has posted many MJ reaction images and talked about him much.