For years, OT has been governered by the the 13 Behavior Guidelines. Mods worship them, trolls rebel against them. Here are the Behavior Guidelines in all their glory:

Thou Shalt Not Be A JerkEdit

Thou Shalt Not Harrass OthersEdit

Thou Shalt Keep It CleanEdit

Thou Shalt Not Feed The TrollsEdit

Thou Shalt Not SpamEdit

Thou Shalt Not Link To Inappropriate MaterialEdit

Thou Shalt Not Litter The Site With Referral LinksEdit

Thou Shalt Pick Thy Username And Avatar WiselyEdit

Thou Shalt Not Roleplay In Nay-roleplaying Chat RoomsEdit

Thou Shalt Rechant "My Account Is My Responsibilty" DailyEdit

Thou Shalt Speaketh The Designated Language For The Chatroom Thou Art InEdit

Thou Shalt Remember Hacking Is A SinEdit

Thou Shalt Worship Moderators As If Ye Were AdministatorsEdit

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