alexlincoln2's current DP that he made in Rotatix, a game on Kongregate

Alexlincoln2 has been a member of Kongregate since May 29th, 2011. His main account was permanently banned on January 17th 2014 for irregularities with a recent Kred purchase.

Real LifeEdit

In real life, alexlincoln2 goes under the name of Alexander of Lincoln, Nebraska, as can be seen in his username. It would be reasonable to assume he is not afraid of being doxed given by the fact that his city is right in his username along with his name.

He is an 18+ year old male and it has been said he has never moved from his birth location. Additionally, he has a birthmark on his butt.


Alexlincoln2 has been a member of Kongregate for over five years but it was not until late June/early July of 2013 that Alexlincoln has made himself a new user in OT. He first emerged as a fast poster in July 2013.

It should be noted that within 3 days, he has already posted over 250 posts and has already accumulated over 1300 within a month, an astonishing feat. It should be noted that alexlincoln2 was also a severe necro'er, regularly bumping threads from 2008 and up. However in recent times, he has avoided necro'ing beyond 30 days due to fears of being silenced by the moderators.

We shall find out how long he will stay in OT in the next several months, and if he will still continue to spam the forums at a rapid speed. MmeBunneh tried to keep updating on his behavior, but it seems that they failed.

At the time of writing this, this user is not currently active in OT although it is unknown if he is under an alt.