Aleazor was an epic Poster on OT that stayed for a brief period of time in 2014, he had a particular curious personality and liked to debate things and create threads, however he got trolled hard by Ubermorgen and Fronebular so he had a hissy fit and quit the first time, then he came again after one week and quit again permanently, his goodbye message would forever become an OT meme because it was as epic as the legendary niceman meme, however Mme deleted the page and it got lost forever, Dias17se and a few other saw it and can confirm how legendary it was.

Aleazor was basically a SJW, he wouldn´t even see movies without paying, he was very righteous on his conduct , he also admitted to being a NEET. He also suffered from extreme paranoia and was very suspicious of all the users being alts or so, at some point he recomended all accounts to have an ID check so there wouldnt be trolling online.

Even today a few OT´ers still remember Aleazor fondly like Dias17se, Ganthro and DoomlordKravoka.