The Akaike Legion is an anarchist movement started by Amane Akaike, also known as Quorx, around in September 2014, the mission of the Legion was to promote anarchism and mobocracy against the Kong admins by heavy spamming of gore, porn and theme related spam apocalypses , biggest ones being for example, Rolbypocalypse, Alpacalypse. Since Kongregate doesn´t have an e-mail registration , Amane would create hundreds of alts in a day and fill the OT forum, the main target with spam causing many to quit the OT forum entirely. When Amane Akaike main account with 1000 posts and his sub mains like aurorium got banned, Amane started a retaliation against this with no less than what can be called Internet Guerilla tactics, he would constantly be banned up to until today and create simply another account to spam.

The mission of the Legion is mainly to promote itself, keep growing and then to attack any sort of power bastion that gets on it´s way. The Legion symbol is the anarchism flag. The websites of it keep getting deleted by haters or just enemies like adv0catus flagging them. However it keeps creating new ones.

Members of the Legion are unknown, they can be dozens or thousands.

Current Legion enemies:





The Legion flag.

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